Portfolio Management

We gather information about the company portfolio of activities and we produce an overview of these activities. This enables the company management team to keep an overview of the ongoing activities and to make sure that all activities get the attention and priority they need.

Stakeholder Management

We communicate with and involve the company’s stakeholders in the relevant ongoing activities in order to ensure progress towards the company strategic objectives.  We will plan and collaborate with the management team to produce a strategy for how to take care of the company’s stakeholders.

Change Management

If your company is planning to implement changes in the organisation, we can help you with the process. It is important to remember the effects a change can have on the entire organisation. Therefore, we help your company to concurrently keep an eye on the culture and how subcultures in the company can effect the change process and its way towards the new setup.

Coaching and Motivation

“You catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar”. So we make sure to incorporate coaching and motivational activities in the plan for rolling out new company activities in order to keep up the spirit until we reach the goal.

Team Spirit

Your company can reach goals faster and more efficiently if the employees work together and have the same understanding of the company goals. One of the services we offer is to work with the employees to obtain collaboration and alignment in the teams. When encouraging the employees to work together towards the company goals we create faster progress and obtain synergi effects in the teams.

Take a Break

In a busy work day with plenty of tasks to do and objectives to work towards, there should be room for a break and a little fun. By allowing ourselves this we make space for creativity and for coming up with alternative solutions to the daily challenges. We can help your company create a working environment where the employees listen to each other and are open to an alternative and maybe better way of doing the job.