Pippi Consult is a consultancy company that works with freelance consultant to create the best solution for the customer. Our expertise is within portfolio management, stakeholder management and change management. We have several years of experience from cross-functional projects in international companies. Please see our references under the tab Cases.

At Pippi Consult we focus on creating collaboration and progress. A company will reach the planned objectives faster and more efficiently when all employees work together. We use best practices from the industry and well-known leadership methods to plan and control the activities and to handle the challenges that arise during the process.

Caroline I. Frandsen

Caroline has more than 18 years of experience with portfolio management, stakeholder management and change management from international companies in Denmark and abroad. Caroline has a pragmatic approach to leadership and her coaching and motivational leadership methods ensure that teams are aligned and all employees work together towards the same objectives.


Leadership, Structure, Focus

Caroline will produce an overview over the portfolio, monitor and control the process and keep an eye out for where potential problems could arise. Through planning and control on teams and milestones and a pro-active approach to the job, she creates a working environment which encourages the employees to collaborate and help each other towards the company objectives.

Caroline has an Engineering Degree and a Business Diploma in Strategic Management and Organisational Development. Furthermore, she is certified and has completed several courses within Programme- and Project management, amongst others PRINCE2 and IPMA-B.

Caroline is certified Coach from Manning Inspire, owned by Sofia Manning who is trained with Tony Robbins and has worked for him for several years.

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